Gilli Salmons


Fabric, thread and yarn have been a central part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Like most people, I was taught by my maternal grandmother and encouraged by my mother.  After time I knew I wanted to develop these skills into more exciting pieces of work and so I joined the Embroiderers Guild.  The experience and knowledge of the group led me on to other paths and ways to expand my love of textiles; various workshops gave me the opportunity to learn more techniques.  For many years I spread my time between working as a Child Protection Nurse, raising a family and studying for City & Guilds ‘Creative Textiles’, alongside sewing, drawing and embroidering!

Recently I became frustrated by having unfinished projects resulting from tutor led sessions and workshops. Now with more free time, I have begun to find my own ‘voice’ and am enjoying experimenting with design, mixed media and mainly machine embroidery.  As a member of both Bath Textile Artists and The Textile Set, I have been encouraged and supported by like minded people, thus enabling me to continue my personal development of art textiles. 

I take my inspiration from nature and the surroundings of my Somerset home, also from artists, both classical and modern and incorporate colour and texture wherever possible to produce my original art work.

My passion for textiles remains as strong as ever and I’m enjoying finding new ways to extend my ideas by stitching paper, adding paint and mixed media to my work.

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