Liz Balmforth (Associate member)

Liz Balmforth

Thoughts on the ‘Here to There’.

An extraordinary holiday to the Hebrides’, Orkney, Shetland and Faroes, last summer led to many unknown and amazing facts about the life led on these very different islands.

The buildings and archaeological sites previously unknown to me, the artefacts created for life for these remote islands. I was transported , from the ‘here’ of the 21st century, back to the ‘there ‘ of prehistoric , and early history. The struggle for life through the weather , the sea, invaders, and colonisers . Simple boats, dwellings, crafting, textiles, built and made to withstand the weather, winds, and seas of these remote places.
Even we in June, in a small but substantial ship, felt the power of the inclement weather, whipping winds, squally showers , and quite bitter temperatures.

My pieces are a reflection of the beauty of the artefacts I saw, and their survival, from the ‘ back there’.